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Neilson Eyecare Video…You know, there’s an old Chinese proverb which says, ‘The man that chases two rabbits catches none’ that makes plain the reality that in business you often have to make a choice – volume or quality. One of the values central to what we do here is quality.

We believe in providing a superior service for our customers, identifying and diagnosing eyesight problems in detail and offering specialised solutions. We also work with the most highly regarded lens and frame suppliers, in order to equip our customers with an exceptional product.

Every customer is different – different eyesight concerns, history, working environment and lifestyle. It is important to us that each customer receives the right solution to meets their needs, in their environment. At the end of the day, seeing customers free to ‘do their thing’ is what makes it all worth it – That’s why we offer such a specialised service in eyecare.

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