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Will Wearing Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker? Toowoomba | Will Wearing Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker? Highfields

Will Wearing Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker?

Weaker eyes caused by wearing glasses? Let’s debunk the age old question, “Will wearing glasses make my eyes weaker?” The good news is wearing glasses will not make your eyes stronger or weaker. The muscles involved in vision needs fine coordination and control rather than lifting power. Alternatively short-sightedness is associated with overuse of the eyes, too much reading or studying or computer use.

If the muscles are inefficient or poorly coordinated, this will be hard work for the eyes and they will tire quickly when reading.  A tired muscle is less coordinated and eventually has to stop.

Let me ask you a question – If you had the option of digging a hole assisted by a shovel or a machine, which would you choose? My guess is the machine. Why? You’ve heard the saying, “Work smarter not harder” right?

Our aim is to make it easier for you so that you can eyes can endure longer. We recommend using glasses to help your eyes work more efficiently so you can get more done. This will also reduce the effects of overdoing it and slow the process of becoming short-sighted.

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