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At Neilson Eyecare, we believe in personalised eye care. As an independent practice, we offer our patients a high standard of care and can take the time needed to evaluate our patient’s visual needs. Glasses are as unique as each individual and we have a wide range of lenses and frames to choose from. We only use the highest of quality products to achieve the best results.

Neilson Eyecare is an independent optometrist and is not part of a corporate chain. The benefit of this is that our optometrists are able to prescribe the most appropriate lens for our patient’s needs, rather than being locked into a small range of off the shelf options. At Neilson Eyecare our optometrists regularly choose from between 23 different lens types as opposed to the 3 or so available to optometrists at the optical chain stores.

When designing a lens for our patients our optometrists will discuss with them their specific needs. The lens we make will be a one of a kind, designed only for that patient and just for the job they require of it.



There is a wide range of lens types available to select from.

These include:

  • single vision
  • distance lenses
  • near lenses (reading glasses)
  • computer/intermediate lenses
  • progressive lenses (lenses that are distance at the top progressing to reading glasses at the bottom)
  • prescription sunglass lenses
  • office lenses
  • occupational lenses
  • specific sports and specific music playing lenses
  • non-prescription lenses
  • safety certified lenses

At Neilson Eyecare our preference is to prescribe CR Surfacing lenses  or Nikon lenses.  CR is Melbourne based and Nikon is Japanese. Both companies have a reputation for excellence and state of the art technology.

Through these suppliers our optometrists are able to select lightweight, flatter and thinner lenses depending on our patient’s prescription and frame.

 Lens Coatings

There are a variety of lens treatments available, including:

  • anti- reflective coatings
  • blue light blocker coatings – reducing the effects of screen use
  • transitions photochromatic – clear lenses that darken in the sunshine
  • lenses in a range of colours, tints and polarised coatings

The coating recommended for our patients will reflect their specific use for the lenses.

Lens Checking - Neilson Eyecare

Lens Checking – Neilson Eyecare

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