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Scott Chaffey - Optical Technician - Neilson Eyecare


Neilson Eyecare is an independent optometrist and is not part of a corporate chain. The benefit of this is that our optometrists are able to prescribe the most appropriate lens for our patient’s needs, rather than being locked into a small range of off the shelf options. At Neilson Eyecare our optometrists regularly choose from between 23 different lens types as opposed to the 3 or so available to optometrists at the optical chain stores. Read more

Frames - Neilson Eyecare


From a bright and bold look, to soft and subtle, at Neilson Eyecare, there is a frame to suit all our patients. Frames include a variety of brands, materials, shapes, sizes, colours and features. Some of our brands include Adidas, William Morris, Carter Bond, Carerra, Police, Mako, Maui Jim, Coco Song, Prodesign and many more. Our frames are made out of a combination of metal, titanium, acetate, plastic and nylon materials, some of which are hypoallergenic. Read more

Children's Frames - Neilson Eyecare

Children's Frames

Designed specifically for little faces

Contact Lenses Neilson Eyecare Toowoomba Optometrist.

Contact Lenses

Patients looking for a vision solution without glasses may find contact lenses are a good option. Whether wearing them for sport, a night out, or for therapeutic reasons, the optometrists at Neilson Eyecare are able to advise on the most suitable contact lens. Read more

Sunglasses - Neilson Eyecare

Prescription Sunglasses

Virtually all our sunglasses can be made with your unique prescription. If you wear sunglasses to drive, exercise in, read at the beach, play golf, check your phone, choose from a menu, then you will appreciate how convenient it is to do it all in one pair of glasses. Read more

Sunglasses - Neilson Eyecare


Whilst sunglasses can be a wonderful fashion accessory, they are also extremely important for protecting delicate eyes. Sun exposure increases the risk of eye disease and related vision loss. Sunglasses are essential for safety and comfort whilst driving. Taking eye health seriously requires selecting quality lenses, recommended by an optometrist. Read more

Safety Spectacles - Neilson Eyecare

Safety Spectacles

At Neilson Eyecare we can make prescription, certified, safety glasses. They can be made in a range of sizes, lenses, colours, sunglasses or clear. Well fitting safety glasses can decrease the risk of trauma to the eye in the workplace or in the shed at home. Read more

Eye drops and solutions - Neilson Eyecare

Eye Drops & Solutions

We stock a variety of eyedrops for a range of dry eye conditions. Eye drops are essentially artificial tears made from a combination of water and other ingredients and come in a range of thicknesses. Read more

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