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Our Impact on the Planet

Recycled Glasses Neilson Eyecare

Donated Old Spectacles

Old spectacles can be dropped off to the practice. They are donated to the Lions Club Recycle for Sight Program for distribution to those in need in developing countries

Solar Neilson Eyecare

Solar Powered

Our practice is run fully on solar electricity

Paperless Neilson Eyecare


We have adopted the latest technology in paperless practice management and accounting software. We use scanning and email where possible

Water Filter Neilson Eyecare

No Plastic Bottles

We use a filtered water tap rather than plastic bottled water

Fruit and Veg Neilson Eyecare


Our practice is set in lush gardens full of year round vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs. Harvested produce is shared between staff and patients

Compost Neilson Eyecare


We compost vegetable waste for use in our garden

Recycling Neilson Eyecare

Using Recycled Paper

We use paper towels, toilet paper, office paper and bags made from recycled paper



Recycling Neilson Eyecare


Printer cartridges, batteries, glass, paper and plastic are all recycled

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