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Why do I Need Glasses? Toowoomba | Why do I Need Glasses? Highfields

I Can See Clearly. Why Do I Need Glasses?

Why do I need glasses? Here’s a good analogy – If you are trying to run a marathon and you suspect you might have poor knees, you will need to get the best shoes to support you. Even if you are confident in your legs, you still know the value of having good support. Would you agree?

People often ask, “If I can see clearly, why would I need to wear glasses?” Our answer is, like most things in our body, vision is also powered by muscles. For clear useful vision these muscles need coordination and control. Whether it is concentrating on the road driving at 100km/h or looking at a computer screen all afternoon, if the muscles are working too hard or are unsupported they will tire and then not work as well. If the muscles are struggling, we can use lenses to lift the weight off the muscles. This will make it easier, not necessarily clearer and you can use them for longer before they begin to fail.

If you experience difficulty reading over periods time or tire quickly when concentrating, it could benefit you to chat with us to assess what the cause could be and whether glasses are the best solution for you to maximise your efficiency.

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