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Vision v Eyesight

Consider this for a second – why do we allow a 10 year old to cross the road and not a 5 year old? They both see the car, but the 10 year old has learned to judge distance, speed and space. This is what it is like for your eyes. Eyesight is seeing the car – vision is getting across the road without getting run over. Vision is learned.

So the questions for you to ask: Are you getting tired when working on the computer? Do you have trouble keeping your place when you read? Do you have trouble concentrating at work, getting through all your paperwork? Are you getting headaches and stiff shoulder joints?

Vision learning fits in the category of Behavioural optometry – it looks at how eyes function rather than how many letters you can see on the chart. Vision is powered by muscles and if these muscles are inefficient or lack coordination, then they are not going to perform as well as we need them to.

We work with our patients to understand their situation and provide a unique solution to them, which could be a lens that helps your eyes relax or exercises to train the eye’s coordination. This ultimately is a different approach to just providing glasses for eye sight and gets to the core of the problem.


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