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Emsie-Muriel De Kock - Vision Therapist Toowoomba |Emsie-Muriel De Kock - Vision Therapist Highfields

Emsie-Muriel De Kock

Vision Therapist

Emsie-Muriel De Kock is a registered Vision Therapist. She is currently working two days at Neilson Eyecare in Toowoomba, and two days in Kenmore. She works with Behavioural Optometrists at both practices. The patients that come to see her range from 5 years to 70 years. Each patient’s Vision Therapy program is individualised according to the recommendation of the optometrists. Their progress is regularly checked by the optometrist.

Emsie was born in South Africa and lived in the Johannesburg area. She completed BA Ed in Early Childhood, specialising in Pre-school development and child phycology, later completing a BA-Hons in Psychology. She was principal of a Pre-School for 3 years.

She did a lot of hiking and camping around South Africa. Hiking in the Game reserves was the most memorable one.  Even being chased by an elephant – “I can run when I need too!!!”

She has a daughter and son. After teaching for 30 years, the family immigrated to Australia. The children were aged 7 and 11 at that stage.  Shortly after immigrating she discovered leathercraft, and this has become a passionate hobby.

After getting registered as a teacher in Australia, she re-entered the teaching realm as a Supply Teacher.  This made it possible to have more flexible hours and be available to be part of her children’s new life here in Australia.

As the children became more independent, she searched and found Vision Therapy. This then became her next passion, and the more she does it, the more she loves it.


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