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Monday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Tuesday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Wednesday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Thursday 8.30am to 7pm
Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm


128 Russell Street (Cnr Cecil Street)
Toowoomba QLD 4350

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Appointments available online or call Ph: 4638 2377

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Neilson Eyecare - Eye Test

Eye Test

An eye test will take between 45 minutes for an initial test to 30 minutes for a follow up. During this time we will test your vision, eye health and eye coordination and screen for eye diseases such as glaucoma and macula degeneration. We will listen to your concerns and take the time to explain your eyes to you, in understandable and actionable language. Read more

General Eyecare - Neilson Eyecare

Eye Care

In addition to the eye test, a general eye care health check is included in all our comprehensive consultations. If eye health issues are found during this general health check our optometrists will perform further tests to diagnose and monitor specific eye conditions. Read more

Children's Optometrist - Neilson Eyecare


Our optometrists are experienced in helping with some of the most complex of visual problems, such as those brought about by conditions such as autism, dyslexia and problems with reading. One in 5 children suffer from an undetected vision problem. Many of these conditions can be picked up in children at an early age. Read more

Vision Training Neilson Eyecare Toowoomba Optometrist.

Vision Therapy

For some people, developing visual skills can be particularly difficult, meaning slow progress in learning to read, hand-eye coordination and learning. Every one of us has to learn to coordinate their eyes. In the same way as a toddler learns to coordinate their arms and legs to walk. Read more

Myopia Master - Neilson Eyecare


Myopia control is the use of lenses or eye drops to prevent the condition occurring or slowing it down. Myopia, or short sightedness, is on the increase world wide. With increased educational demands and increased screen time, myopia is becoming an epidemicRead more

Contact Lens - Neilson Eyecare

Contact Lens

Our optometrists are experienced in fitting and managing patients with a wide variety of contact lenses, such as soft contact lenses, frequent replacement soft contact lenses and rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses. Special therapeutic, multifocal and cosmetic contact lenses also are available. Read more

Dry Eye - Neilson Eyecare

Dry Eye

Symptoms of dry eye include, itchiness (particularly in the corner of the eyes), stinging or burning, redness, tired eyes (and the feeling that they need to be closed to bring relief). In some instances they may also include occasional blurred vision and mucus around the eyelids. Read more

Reading - Neilson Eyecare

Behavioural Optometery

Behavioural Optometry is a different way of looking at vision. Rather than the number of letters a patient can see on a chart, a behavioural optometrist looks into how a patient’s visual system functions. Eyesight is seeing the car. Vision is getting across the road without being run over. Read more

Our Story

Neilson Eyecare - Optom Team

Your Trusted Optometrist In Toowoomba

Neilson Eyecare is a locally operated, full service optometry practice in Toowoomba, Queensland. Optometrists Kat Kruchio, Jess Thai and David Neilson have been prescribing glasses and caring for patient’s eyes for over 30 years. Believing in lifelong learning, we stay at the forefront of research in to all aspects of vision. We are a behavioural practice with an in house vision therapist, Emsie Muriel de Kock. We have a particular interest in children’s vision, myopia control and patients with brain injuries. We believe in enabling everybody to “Do Your Thing”. High quality eyecare for all, not ‘production line’ care. Every patient has unique needs for their vision, we address these needs individually, and take the time to explain the options. The practice is located in a beautiful old Queenslander in Russell Street, close to the CBD with plenty of parking.

Neilson Eyecare Practice Building
Neilson Eyecare - Garden
Neilson Eyecare - Outside Veranda

Our Mission

We aim to provide a lifetime of the best possible vision for our patients through quality, professional services as well as the latest eyecare technology and products. In doing this, we strive to create a positive experience for all who come into contact with our practice and to improve the quality of life of our professional team, our patients and our community.

Our Vision

We believe everybody should be able to “Do Your Thing”. We believe in the power of optimal vision. In a world where children are able to reach their full potential, where adults are not limited by their sight.

Our Values

  • Create a warm, welcoming patient experience.
  • Address our patient’s vision needs on an individual basis. Working on solutions that are specific to them.
  • Implementing the most up to date technology in testing, therapy and office systems.
  • Be at the forefront of latest research on all aspects of the visual system.
  • To provide a work place that is engaging, stimulating & nurturing. Where individual’s effort is valued and there is a strong team spirit.

Meet the Team

David Neilson

David Neilson



Bachelor of Optometry

Member Australian College Behavioural Optometry

Master of Professional Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics

32 years optical industry experience

Katalin Kruchio

Katalin Kruchio



Bachelor of Applied Science (Optometry) (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics

Certificate in Practical Vision Therapy

20 years optical industry experience

Jess Thai

Jess Thai



Bachelor Vision Science (Distinction) Master Optometry (Distinction)

Emsie De Kock

Emsie De Kock

Vision Therapist


Bachelor of Education (Primary) – specialising in Early Childhood Development and Pre Primary Education

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Honours) Specialist teacher of Music and 2nd Languages

Qualified Vision Therapist 32 years teaching and optical industry experience

Scott Chaffey

Scott Chaffey

Optical Technician


Trade Cert in Optical Mechanics

Cert IV Optical Dispensing

27 years optical industry experience

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews

Optical Dispenser


Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing
Associate Diploma Hotel & Catering Services
Certificate IV Business
Diploma of Management

3 years optical industry experience

Liz Newbury

Liz Newbury

Optical Assistant


Career in travel and arts management

4 years optical industry experience

Teresa Haigh

Teresa Haigh

Optical Assistant


22 years optical industry experience

Karissa McLeod

Karissa McLeod

Optical Assistant

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Certificate III in Children’s Services

Certificate IV in Youth Work

Certificate III in Retail & Certificate II in Business

2 months optical industry experience

Julie Sonter

Julie Sonter

Optical Assistant


Certificate IV in HR

Cert II and Cert III in Business Administration

1 month optical industry experience

Madie Chaffey

Madie Chaffey

Optical Assistant - Saturday


1 years optical industry experience

Gwen Town

Gwen Town



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