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Contact Lenses

Patients looking for a vision solution without glasses may find contact lenses are a good option. Whether wearing them for sport, a night out, or for therapeutic reasons, the optometrists at Neilson Eyecare are able to advise on the most suitable contact lens.

Most contact lenses prescribed are disposable with the options being, daily disposable, 2-week disposable or monthly disposable. They can be soft, hard or somewhere in between.

Patients can make an appointment for contact lens fitting or contact lens check ups. Once fitted, it is recommended that patients routinely return for a check up appointment every 6 to 12 months. This is to ensure that lenses are being cleaned correctly and that the eye is in good health.

Dry eye and ocular allergies can effect a patient’s suitability and success with contact lenses and therefore need to be managed prior to wear.

Contact lens wear is generally safe, if patients follow recommended guidelines. Infections and other related problems do sometimes occur. It is important if lenses do not feel right, or look right, that they are removed immediately and an appointment is made with our optometrists for review.

Bandage Contact Lenses

We may prescribe the therapeutic use of a contact lens to act as a bandage or bandaid to help the cornea heal and helps to limit the eyelid interaction with the ocular surface while it’s rehabilitating. These lenses also help with pain management. 

Trial Contact Lenses

At the initial contact lens appointment a selection of different trial lenses will be supplied and fitted. Patients will be taught how to insert and remove lenses and how lenses should be cared for.

The patient will then be sent home with a trial pair or pairs to be worn over several days.  The cost of these lenses is included in the cost of the initial consultation.

At a second appointment the patient and optometrist assess the fitting of the lenses and discuss any problems.

For more complex cases, subsequent appointments may be needed to ensure the best possible fitting.

After the fitting has been finalised the lenses will be ordered for the patient’s specific requirements.

An annual consultation will then follow to assess the patient’s eye health and to ensure the lens’s fit is still optimal.

Types of Contact Lenses

Every type of contact lens is available to our patients. Including:

  • Spherical – used to control myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia (multifocal or bifocal lens)
  • Daily wear – intended to be worn for the whole day, up to 18 hours and removed for sleep
  • Extended wear – can be worn day and night and can be slept in but it is still recommended to remove for sleep
  • Toric – used to correct astigmatism
  • Monovision – one eye is set at distance and one at near
  • OrthoK – lenses that change the shape of the eye during the night whilst asleep, so that the patient can see clearly without lenses during the day –  Read More  Or read the OrthoK website link for a detailed explanation OrthoK link:
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