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Style Guide

How to choose the perfect frames

Finding out that you need to wear glasses for the first time can be daunting. For some people, they are thrilled that they have a new accessory they can add to their repertoire. For others, it is a sign that they, like all of us, are imperfect or ageing. We want to simplify the process of choosing frames and change the way we think about the need to wear them. Knowing which frames are most likely to suit your face and your lifestyle, can do wonders in making the whole process a little less daunting and prevent you having to try on all the wrong frames before you find the right ones!

We want to break down the stereotype associated with glasses. Your glasses don’t just have to be a drag, but instead are your newest style accessory – capable of dressing up, or down, an outfit much like designer shoes, handbags and scarves. 

To this end, the Neilson Eyecare Team are here to help you choose a frame you love and feel great in. It is the favourite part of their job! They have also created their 4 Top Tips that they use to help you to choose the perfect frame.


1. What is my face shape?

Having a general idea of your face shape is a great starting point when you’re shopping for glasses and trying to understand what is likely to suit you best. Some guides go into great detail with you having to identify if your face is indeed heart shaped, triangular or diamond shaped… But honestly, the easiest guide when it comes to your face shape is…

If you have an angular face (a broad forehead, broad chin, a prominent jawline) then we recommend choosing glasses that soften the angularity – choose frames that have a rounded shape, a thinner frame and leverage colour. These frames will soften your overall look as opposed to highlighting the angularity.

In contrast, if your face shape is softer and more rounded, we recommend adding some structure with rectangular or angular frames, in a thicker bolder style.

2. Work & lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays an important role in choosing frames best suited to you. The sort of work that you do and lifestyle that you live should be considered when selecting your frames.

People who work indoors staring at computer screens all day, or regularly drive at night will benefit from an antireflective coating.

Glasses wearers who work in physical roles, play a lot of sport or perhaps even just have young children, may benefit from a scratch resistant coating on their lenses.

If your job requires that you are in and out of hot or cold spaces, or that you regularly wear a face mask. It would be advisable to consider an anti-fog coating.

Lastly, if you work in sunlight all day, an ultraviolet treatment, transitional lens or perhaps even a specialty pair of polarised sunglasses are recommended.

3. Choose a frame that will suit your personality.

Choose a frame to suit your personality. If you are bright and bubbly, choose a pair of glasses in a funky colour. If you are a little bit quirky consider a less usual shape (cats eye glasses) or a unique pattern. If you like to play it safe, choose glasses that you feel comfortable with that will suit the majority of your favourite outfits.

4. Have fun with them

Forget that glasses are for a utilitarian purpose and think of them like shoes, a handbag or a tie. Glasses offer you a unique opportunity to accessorise! Buy multiple pairs that suit different outfits and occasions! Have a going out pair and a running errands pair. Buy a pair for each day of the week!

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We hope that our guide has given you some simple tips to embrace this new, glasses wearing stage of your life. 

If you would like some assistance in choosing a frame that suits your style, our talented optical staff are here to help. Please choose an Eye Test & Style Fit appointment to allow some extra time after your test

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