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Children’s Optometrist Toowoomba

Children’s Optometrist

The focus at Neilson Eyecare is on caring for the whole family. Our optometrists have many years experience helping improve the vision of babies, children, teenagers adults and the elderly. Our aim is to look after a patient’s visual needs for their whole life.

Our optometrists are experienced in helping with some of the most complex of visual problems, such as those brought about by conditions such as autism, dyslexia and problems with reading. One in 5 children suffer from an undetected vision problem. Many of these conditions can be picked up in children at an early age.

It is important to book children in for a child’s optometry appointment if a parent is at all concerned with their vision development.

It is also a good idea to have children visually assessed before they start school.


Child and Baby Eye Tests 


At Neilson Eyecare, our optometrists test patients of all ages.

A baby’s eye test will be fun. All eye tests are tailored to the age and abilities of the child. The optometrist will play games with a very young child and look out for any visual problems.

A child’s eye test is similar to an adults’ but may use shapes rather than letters, where a child is too young or unable yet to read.

For primary school age children it is preferable to make the appointment in the morning before the child is tired.

Some children may be unsure and feel scared about visiting an optometrist for the first time. Parents are always included in the testing room, where our optometrists strive to keep the appointment as calm and low key as possible.

One of our most popular members of staff is our ex guide dog, Vonnie. She may sometimes be called upon to assist with the testing, if that is something the child would like.

Vonnie and Child - Neilson Eyecare

Vonnie and Child – Neilson Eyecare

Children's Frames - Neilson Eyecare
Children's Frames - Neilson Eyecare

Children’s Optometrist Toowoomba

Children’s Vision Care

Sometimes optometry must look beyond the letter chart. While eyesight is something most people are born with, vision is a learned skill that children need to develop.

It is easy for adults to forget that reading is a motor skill that, like the use of a person’s limbs for walking, must be learned and developed through practice.

Coordination of the eyes can be more difficult for some children. Through testing, it is possible to determine the particular visual skill that needs developing.

From simple eye co-ordination problems (strabismus) to complex reading difficulties our optometrists have experience in assisting with visual development in a way that makes both the parent and child feel comfortable.

A great deal of time is spent explaining the causes of the child’s visual problem to their parents before any recommended program of correction is commenced.

Every parental concern is taken seriously. There are no ‘silly’ observations or questions. It is our optometrists aim to provide some peace of mind to parents through information and explanation.

One of the most important parts of the strategy is to teach parents what to look out for in their children so that they can help monitor the child’s visual development.

If a parent has any concerns at all, we encourage them to phone or email our optometrists.  They are there to help and would welcome the conversation.


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