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Why Don’t You Bulk Bill?

Due to the changes that occurred in 2015 to the Medicare funding for optometry services, we are unable to Bulk Bill consultations.

Since the late 1990’s the scheduled fee for optometry has increased at a rate below CPI and since 2012, not at all. Additionally, in 2014 the rebate was cut and frozen until 2018. These changes have seen the government rebate increasingly fall below the true cost of providing quality eye care.

Further, since 2015 the eligibility for Medicare rebates for patients to receive a full, comprehensive eye test, if they are under 65 has been extended to every 3 years (from 2 years). We recommend patients schedule their visits to us depending on their individual situation (age, eye health, prior vision changes). Rather than the non evidence based, one size fits all approach schedule, set by Medicare.

Most consultations do attract a Medicare rebate.  The amount will depend on your condition, age and any previous claims that you have had with Medicare. We use the Hicaps system to provide an instant electronic rebate for you.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our staff.

For further information on Medicare and Optometry services see the Australian Government Department of Human Services website.

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