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Will Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker?

We are often asked. “Will glasses make my eyes weaker?” For the most part the reason you are having an eye problem is because your eyes have some eye muscle weakness.

With a child this weakness is slowing the development of their reading skills. Like trying to learn tennis with a racquet that is too heavy. We are trying to make the task easier so that you can learn skills. With reading skill development comes efficiency and improved reading.

For a younger adult, our symptoms mostly come from doing more near work than our eyes are capable of. Like using the computer or other screens. Stain is the result. The glasses are trying to reduce the load to reduce the strain and the symptoms.

For older adults our visual system is starting to stiffen up. The jelly in the lens is getting harder. It is making the visual system less efficient. Unfortunately we haven’t found a way to stop getting older, but we can make life easier.

More information can be found at the ABC Health & Wellbeing website.

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